Move out clean is very important to get your full security deposit back. There is no compulsion to call the move out cleaning company only to clean the house, A tenant can do it on their own. But they need to take care of all the cleaning aspects, else it may lead to losing more than half of the security deposit. It is recommended to call the experts for your move out clean. Because cleaning house is the work which you hate to do but professionals love doing the same. They have the proper checklist and create a schedule will help in to get the things done in a proper way and timely.

Points to remember for general move out clean

Make sure to prepare and keep your move in the report as a reference at the time of move out.

Properly plan your time to move out clean as it will take time so don’t do it in hurry.

Make a list of areas to clean and schedule your cleaning plan. It will help in saving time and your efforts.

You can vacuum out the floors, cupboards and draws vacuum dust from walls and light fittings, and dust from ceiling fans.

All the carpets need to be cleaned properly. All floors need to be mopped and clean properly.

The outer area of the house should also be cleaned properly and should be in the same way when it was at the time of your move in.

All doors and windows must be cleaned and shiny.

Properly check and clean all the corners and hidden parts as well.

Move Out Clean Checklist

The following is a list of tasks that may be required for a moving out clean. Your aim is to return the property back in the same condition as when you moved in. Proper move out cleaning is very important. Need to follow a proper checklist to save your time and to do the cleaning in the right manner. Recommended to hire the professionals to make your move out a good move.

Living Room Cleaning

Cleaning of Windows and Sills, frames, and cracks.
Dusting and cleaning of the ceiling fan.
Cleaning of lights, switches, and covers
Proper cleaning and dusting of blinds.
Cleaning and scrubbing of baseboards.
Dusting and cleaning of furniture.

General Cleaning

Cleaning of Window and sills, frames, and cracks.
Mopping of the Floors which are without carpet.
The Cleaning of carpet to be cleaned by professionals only.
Cleaning of furniture and vacuuming.
A proper dusting of Ceiling fans and wipes, and on the top surface as well.
Cleaning of all Light fittings
Dusting from inside and out in all the areas.
Do a pest control, arrange professional if required.
Cleaning of Oven interior and racks cleaned.
Cleaning of Skirting boards, dusting and wiping.
Proper cleaning of Cupboards, wardrobes and wash shelves and face panels.
Remove all marks and spots on walls. Dusting and wipe skirting boards, and clean the air vent..
Proper cleaning of all the doors including skirting,

Kitchen Cleaning

Empty the Cupboards and drawers and cleaned and vacuumed the same properly
Cleaning of Window sills, frames, and cracks.
A proper dusting of blinds and cleaning of windows
Empty the Refrigerator and freezer and proper cleaning. From Top and outside of refrigerator cleaning.
Empty, vacuum and wipe the Drawers and cabinets inside and out.
Proper cleaning of Exhaust fans/range hoods, filters, and grills.
Stove – clean burners, griller, drip trays, inside the oven, and the general body of the stove.
Proper cleaning of Kitchen counters
Proper cleaning of the sink and removed spots.
Burned out lights replaced with similar bulbs
Cleaning and the dusting of Window Blinds.
Cleaning of Outlets and switch plates covers.
Proper dusting and wiping of Walls and remove any the hard marks
Cleaning of taps and make sure to properly close the same before leaving
Stove surface cleaned (knobs, display, etc).

Bathroom Cleaning

Bath mat replaced if required
Scrub spray with disinfectant & wipe all floor & wall surfaces & behind the toilet..
Scrub tub, spray and wipe down with disinfectant.
Wipe out all edges of floor/wall, get behind the door.
Scrub hand basin, spray and wipe with disinfectant.
Wash floors and Steam clean the floor when required.
Ceiling exhaust fan cleaned.
Shower curtain sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down
Shine all chrome, faucets, tissue dispenser
All edges wipe down with disinfectant.
Refill soap dispensers.
Scrub toilet, spray and wipe down with disinfectant.
Left no hair on toilet, in the tub, on floor.
Toilet tank, bowl, and base cleaned scrubbed/cleaned/sanitized.
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